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Stable protects food and farming businesses from volatile commodity prices. With over 3,000 commodity indexes available, we have an unparalled ability to help our clients protect their risk.

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Price volatility is one of the biggest risks for the $4 trillion food and farming industry. Stable has reimagined the way the world's most important industry can manage price risk with a solution that is comprehensive, targeted and secure. Our goal is to help clients of every size and sector invest in all our futures with confidence.


Match your physical risk by searching thousands of niche and untraded commodity indexes.


Create a tailor-made policy that closely corresponds to the raw material grade, origin and scale of your physical exposure.


All our insurance policies are underwritten by global insurers at Lloyd’s of London for total peace of mind.

How it works

1.Search for an Index

Then choose the one that best matches the physical commodity you would like to protect.

2.Customise your Policy

Enter the Quantity and Month(s) you’d like to protect and then lock your index start price to create a quote.

3.Activate your Policy

Following payment, your policy is activated instantly. For every policy, a Certificate of Insurance is issued and emailed to you. All policies purchased with Stable are underwritten by insurers at Lloyd’s of London.

Policy Activated
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Protection Month

4.Rapid Claims

At the end of the protection month, if the final index price exceeds your start price, Stable pays you the difference and quickly replaces your lost income.

How Payouts Work

If you had locked the START INDEX PRICE at € 200 / MT for 10,000 MT of MALTING BARLEY and the FINAL INDEX PRICE at the end of the protection is € 210 / MT , your PAYOUT AMOUNT from Stable is € 100,000 .

The Stable Platform

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Search through our wide range of global commodity indexes


Get relevant commodity market insights at your finger tips

Quote Management

Generate and manage quotes and policies quickly and easily

Real-time Support

Receive real-time support from our commodity specialists

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Food & Farming

Less than 10% of the world’s agricultural commodities are listed on a liquid exchange, which makes price risk management difficult for most products. With Stable you can insure the price of thousands of niche, untraded and local commodities.


The materials that make up your packaging requirements can represent an unpredictable cost to your business. You can protect a single packaging component, or create a policy that combines the commodity and the packaging into a single contract that manages your risk on a product by product basis.


Protecting your agri-food business from rising costs like fuel, can often be the difference between profit and loss. For example, Stable provides cover to many farming co-ops for their red diesel usage. Using Stable you can protect your business from the price of a single input cost like diesel, or create a combined insurance policy that includes commodity price, packaging and energy.

"Stable protects farmers and food businesses from volatile prices..."

15 April 2019

Meet the People Behind Stable

Data Scientists & Commodity Experts

Based in London (under the Farmers Club!), the venture backed company includes a world class team of Data Scientists, Analysts and Developers as well as an experienced commercial team that works closely with our clients and partners around the world.

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